A history of motorcycles - Mine actually

I've been riding motorcycles since I was knee high to a grasshopper (Or about 8 years old or so), and I often see people in forums suffixing their screen name with a list of the motorcycles they've owned. So I thought I'd got one better and give you a pictorial list of the bikes I've had over the year.

Note: Whilst the photos are not of my actual bikes, they are the correct model and colour schemes.

Yamaha TY80 80cc.

Turned up at GrandMa's for christmas to find this under the tree. Mom wasn't too happy when she found out and chewed Dad's ear off, but I got to keep it. Spent many weekends and holidays around the South Island of New Zealand on family adventures with this little machine until I grew too big for it.
Honda TL125 125cc.

Originally my step mom's bike, I saved up and bought it off her, eventually doing it up and registering it for the road. Got my license on it at 15. Spent lots of time on this bike chasing friends with XR 250s around river beds.
Suzuki DR370 370cc.

Came home way day from school to find dad had bought this off a West Coast farmer. It had never been serviced and after chiselling the oil out of it and rebuilding the engine, it made a lot of noise, but ran like a cut snake. Did the last 24 hour ride on it (before they where banned for being too dangerous). Didn't have a decompressor so copping the kick starter in the shin if you got it wrong meant limping around for 5 minutes swearing before trying again.
Suzuki T350 350cc.

Dad had one of these he blew up and bought half another one from a wrecker. It took some time, but I built one bike out of the two, 2nd gear from that one, 3rd from the other, one piston from one, the other from the other, etc. Dad said it'd never start. But it roared into life first kick. Should have seen his face - ROFL. Only road it a few times before selling it.
Honda XR600 600cc.

Had one of these for a short time. First bike after coming to Australia. Eventually decided it wasn't really suitable for riding around Melbourne and started considering getting a real road bike.
Honda VFR750 750cc.

My first actual new bike. Did some 40,000k on this bike all over the place until I sold it 7 years later. Still see plenty of these on Melbourne roads. A great bike.
Aprilia SL1000 Falco 1000cc.

My first Italian bike and I still remember the day I rode it home. It rained of course, but I didn't care. Add in some Aprilia race pipes and a new chip, and it was the most incredible sounding bike. So many people, even none riders saying so. Even though you could hear it from blocks away. Did over 80,000k before selling. Possibly my most favourite bike.
Benelli TnT Cafe Racer 1130cc.

My dream bike, or so I thought. Gorgeous looks, fantastically comfortable to ride, explodes off the lights like it had a stick of TnT under it. Shame it was totally unreliable and constantly breaking down. Whole sad mess ended in a legal battle when I'd had enough and the dealer refused to take it back. What a lemon.
BMW HP2 Sport 1200cc.

After the Benelli, girlfriend said "Your getting something reliable, your getting a BMW". I said "BMWs are for old men!". Then this came out - sold! They've been compared to riding a cruise missile and I'd agree. Amazing bike. Rare as a cool beer in hell. Lots of fun.
MV Agusta Dragster 800RR 800cc.

After 65,000kms on the BMW it was time for an new bike and I fell in love with this the moment I saw it. Light, grunty, rare as hens teeth and well... Italian. What more is there to say.

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