MarkDown vs Textile

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A couple of years ago I needed to put together some static web pages for a small site on GitHub. Nothing clever. The two offerings for doing them were (and still are) Markdown and Textile. I picked markdown pages initially because it seemed to be what a lot of people preferred.

After a while of using it, I noticed that I seemed to be having quite a bit of trouble getting things formatted. I was putting a lot of HTML inline to do somethings that I thought should have been relatively simple. Tables would be a good example, CSS classes and ids would be another.

So I looked around to get a picture of where it stood in the universe. What I found was a fragmented product with a number of variations. GitHub for example uses “GitHib flavoured markdown”. The original core appearing to be abandoned.

So I looked at Textile. Textile is still actively supported, has 10 times the features of markdown and after conversion from markdown, I rarely needed to use any raw HTML.

So good, except that a lot of website stubbornly keep using markdown only. I have no idea why they would support an obviously inferior product. But they do.

Are you listening Ghost?

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