Points Master - Smart Story Estimation

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I've scanned the iOS app store more times than I can think of looking for a good agile poker app. All I ever found was crappy apps where you could tap a number and have it displayed full screen. Wipty Frackin Do !

So I decided to do something that would be actually useful.

Points Master on iTunes

As you can see from the screen shot, Points Master has 5 sliders which you can use to input how you feel about a story. The sliders cover aspects of

  • Complexity - how complex will the stories code be
  • Clarity - how well to do understand the story
  • Debt - Whats the current code base like
  • Threats - how many interruptions and changes do you expect
  • Testing - how difficult will it be to test the code.

As you slide them around, Points Master calculates an estimate for the story. You concentrate on what you think, Points Master does the dirty work!

And finally when it comes to playing poker, Points Master has one more trick up it's sleeve -

It knows when your device is facing you, so simply turn your device around and Points Master will automatically switch to a full screen display of the estimate for your team to see. Turn it back and it will return to the estimation screen. How cool is that!

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