Stand ups just don't work


At least not the way they are intended. Every day the team gets together. The uncivilised teams around 9, mostly civilised around 9:30 and real programmers around 10. With the teams I've been in it's a 9:30 affair. Looking around my 9:30 stand up I've realised that most of the people there are simple thinking about something else: How quickly they can get to the coffee shop, trying to remember what they were doing yesterday, figuring out what they are going to do today, or simply staring glazed - not really awake. It's even worse on Mondays when everyone is trying to remember what they were doing on Friday, or just hung over.

In other words - it's not working that well!

So I'm thinking it would be a good idea to have stand ups moved to 11:45. Why 11:45? Here's my reasoning:

  • Everyone's woken up.
  • Everyone's had coffee.
  • Everyone's had a chance to start coding, work out where they are at, what they are going to do for the rest of the day, and what issues they are having.

People will be awake, engaged and know exactly where they are at, and 11:45 is a good time because it's bounded by lunch. So whilst people will be more likely to talk about the code's state and issues, they will still have lunch as a boundary to keep it short.

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