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2 years ago

What is DI?

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Actually this is not Yet Another DI Article (YADIA - see anyone can create an acronym!). This question has been asked many times in many places, the most recent one I've noticed being a question on L…

2 years ago

Creating Objective-C modules

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For some time we have been able to import system frameworks as modules into Objective-C code. For example, to use Foundation, the Objective-C runtime, XCTest frameworks and my DI framework for testing…

3 years ago

Alchemic - now with Swift

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Yep. Just spent the last month or so playing with Swift for the first time and modifying Alchemic so that it can be used in Swift projects. It proved an interesting project. In some respects Swift is…

3 years ago

Alchemic - DI with "Style!"

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Ok, I'm going to be blowing my own trumpet here a bit so hang on :-) A while ago I did a brown bag at work covering 3 of the most significant DI frameworks I could find for iOS. In researching, experi…