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2 years ago

CocoaPods vs Carthage - Part II

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Recently I penned a post about what I went through getting CocoaPods going on a project recently vs what would be the case if the project had used Carthage. I suspected it might provoke some discussio…

2 years ago

CocoaPods vs Carthage

carthage   cocoapods   iOS  

Update As a follow up to this article, I wrote a more detailed opinion piece on why I prefer Carthage. Hopefully it answers some of the questions and criticisms in the comments. Original article Recen…

3 years ago

Carthage - finally a good dependency manager for iOS

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I've had to use Cocoapods - I don't like it. I don't like the way it stomps all over your projects files (and the ever-famous merge hell it creates), it's heavy dependency on Ruby, and the way it inte…