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2 years ago

Story Teller v1.7

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A new version of Story Teller is now available. Functionally it's the same as previous versions, but with the following changes: Support for Swift class and protocol naming conventions. ie. MyProject.…

3 years ago

Putting my code where my mouth is!

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For some time I've been going on about how I dislike the way that logging frameworks work. My last post outlined what I wanted in a framework. Today I've pushed up v0.2 of my new framework: Story Tell…

3 years ago

Telling a story

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Traditional logging frameworks (Log4J, LogBack, SLF4J, Cocoa Lumberjack, etc) all follow the same pattern. Two intersecting criteria for choosing what is logged. Firstly a limited range of options bas…

4 years ago

Logging from Hell ...

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Over the years I've come across a number of logging implementations that were notable for all the wrong reasons. So I thought it might be a good read to tell your about them. Method madness One that…