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2 years ago

The trouble with Swift … or Objective-C

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For the past few days I’ve been confronting the awful truth - That Swift and Objective-C really don’t play well. It started some time ago. I have a DI frame written in Objective-C called Alchemic whic…

2 years ago

Creating Objective-C modules

objective-c   iOS   alchemic   framework  

For some time we have been able to import system frameworks as modules into Objective-C code. For example, to use Foundation, the Objective-C runtime, XCTest frameworks and my DI framework for testing…

2 years ago

Objective-C's version of Swift's '_'

iOS   objective-c  

Sometimes you want to create a variable but not use it. Developers using Swift will be familiar with this concept. For example let _ = createSomethingIDontUse() But trying this in Objective-C genera…

3 years ago

Alchemic - DI with "Style!"

framework   alchemic   di   objective-c  

Ok, I'm going to be blowing my own trumpet here a bit so hang on :-) A while ago I did a brown bag at work covering 3 of the most significant DI frameworks I could find for iOS. In researching, experi…

3 years ago

Quick tip: hiding deliberate selector mistakes

iOS   objective-c   macros   tips  

Somethings we want to enter a selector in Objective-C that will trigger an warning/error in the compiler. It might be a selector for a different class, it might be an invalid selector we are using for…

3 years ago

Objective C Generics

xcode   programming   objective-c   generics  

After writing my last post at midnight while jumping up and down with excitement over the discovery of Generics for Objective C, I decided to write a longer post with more details. So today I wrote up…