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a year ago

Epic fail - Swift protocols

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It all started with what seemed like a simple thing, and indeed... would be if I was using Java. I had a view controller which manage a number of other view controllers. A very common scenario in any…

2 years ago

The trouble with Swift … or Objective-C

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For the past few days I’ve been confronting the awful truth - That Swift and Objective-C really don’t play well. It started some time ago. I have a DI frame written in Objective-C called Alchemic whic…

2 years ago

Atlassian Confluence - A lesson in loosing touch


Yet again today I've been struggling to update a document in Atlassian Confluence. Bashing my head on the keyboard trying to get simple changes to work. Confluence used to be good. Atlassian used to b…

2 years ago


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Every time I've done a job interview in the last 10 years, TDD (Test Driven Development) has always come up in the discussion. In almost all cases, the more the people who have been interviewing me ha…

3 years ago

Slandering other people's code - Code Smell !


There is nothing worse than someone standing over your shoulder and telling you that something is wrong with the code you've written. "That's a 'Code Smell'" they proclaim. "You should fix that" and w…