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a year ago

Epic fail - Swift protocols

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It all started with what seemed like a simple thing, and indeed... would be if I was using Java. I had a view controller which manage a number of other view controllers. A very common scenario in any…

2 years ago

The trouble with Swift … or Objective-C

Swift   objective-c   programming   opinion  

For the past few days I’ve been confronting the awful truth - That Swift and Objective-C really don’t play well. It started some time ago. I have a DI frame written in Objective-C called Alchemic whic…

2 years ago

PTR - Pause, Think, Refactor

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Regularly on LinkedIn, StackoverFlow and other similar sites I see people posing questions about applications architectures. Should I used MVP, MVVM, VIPER, LVC, etc? The same questions over and over…

3 years ago

Carthage - finally a good dependency manager for iOS

iOS   programming   carthage  

I've had to use Cocoapods - I don't like it. I don't like the way it stomps all over your projects files (and the ever-famous merge hell it creates), it's heavy dependency on Ruby, and the way it inte…

3 years ago

Putting my code where my mouth is!

iOS   logging   programming  

For some time I've been going on about how I dislike the way that logging frameworks work. My last post outlined what I wanted in a framework. Today I've pushed up v0.2 of my new framework: Story Tell…

3 years ago

Objective C Generics

xcode   programming   objective-c   generics  

After writing my last post at midnight while jumping up and down with excitement over the discovery of Generics for Objective C, I decided to write a longer post with more details. So today I wrote up…

4 years ago

In the Zone


Every coder knows it - "The Zone", that magical period of time when the code seems to just flow -functionality slots into place, unit tests going green like christmas tree lights, widgets pop up on s…