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2 months ago

SwInjecting a large project

Swift   swinject   di   iOS  

If you know me, you'll know I'm a bit of a fan of Dependency Injection frameworks and when it comes to Swift projects, my goto framework is Swinject. The documentation on Swinject's Github page is pr…

3 months ago

Doing it asynchronously: RxSwift vs PromiseKit

Swift   promisekit   reactive   promises   rxswift  

It's hard to write an app these days without having to include multi-tasking asynchronous code. Whether it's accessing a server's API or the local photo library, multi-threaded asynchronous programmin…

a year ago

Epic fail - Swift protocols

programming   opinion   Swift   war stories  

It all started with what seemed like a simple thing, and indeed... would be if I was using Java. I had a view controller which manage a number of other view controllers. A very common scenario in any…

2 years ago

The trouble with Swift … or Objective-C

Swift   objective-c   programming   opinion  

For the past few days I’ve been confronting the awful truth - That Swift and Objective-C really don’t play well. It started some time ago. I have a DI frame written in Objective-C called Alchemic whic…

2 years ago


iOS   Swift  

A few months ago myself and 5 other developers started a brand new project for one of our clients. We decided to use Apple's Swift language instead of Objective-C as both the client and ourselves were…

3 years ago

Alchemic - now with Swift

Swift   alchemic   iOS   announcement  

Yep. Just spent the last month or so playing with Swift for the first time and modifying Alchemic so that it can be used in Swift projects. It proved an interesting project. In some respects Swift is…